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4x4 Tyre Reviews

If you like to ride in rough terrain, you will not only need a suitable vehicle, but also proper tyres. The tread grooves of normal car tyres would quickly be clogged with grit and mud, making traction on slippery and loose surfaces as well as a safe driving impossible. A rough profile, however, is self-cleaning and provides optimal grip at all times.

Many manufacturers offer special offroad tyres. These are usually more expensive than passenger car tyres. But in most cases the investment is worthwhile - but sometimes not as one or another 4x4 tyre review on Tyretest.com reveals. Take advantage of the countless customer reviews on our site to learn more about off-road tyres. The are available in different versions for different driving habits. Some are more suitable for road driving and easy terrain, others don't have problems with mud and rocky paths.

In the 4x4 tyre reviews of our users you will find the respective vehicle most commonly, so you can assess better whether this tyre is also useful for your car. The ratings include grip and braking performance, ride comfort, noise, tyre wear and fuel consumption.