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Motorcycle Tyre Reviews

While a car four wheels are responsible for the contact between vehicle and road, there are only two at motorcycles - which increases the security risk. Motorcyclists have to rely on the quality of the tyres at all times. This confidence should be built already when purchasing the tyres. It is therefore important to inform yourself beforehand and also not to save at the wrong end. It does not always have to be the latest and most expensive tyres, but their driving characteristics must match the driving habits and needs of the biker.

The profile of the motorcycle tyre is crucial for good cornering and short braking distances. Again and again motorcycle tyre reviews show, that many products reveal weaknesses on wet roads. Slipping can have far-reaching consequences. The grip in wet conditions is therefore an important criterion in the assessment of a tyre - that's true for the customer reviews on as well.

Many evaluation criteria

Motorcycle tyres are not only used on asphalt, but also for example when off-roading. Other factors are important here: The tread should be rough and clean itself of mud and stones. The carcass must be structured so that it can not be pierced by sharp stones. These demands many, but not all products meet.

With our motorcycle tyre reviews we request things like the grip on dry and wet roads, but also: How good is the self-damping of the tyre and how it behaves in curves? Are steering response and ride comfort satisfactory? Wears the tyre fast and does it consume a lot of fuel? All individual points result in an overall rating and with an influence in the total grade. Based on this it is easy to see whether a motorcycle tyre is recommended or not. Due to the large number of opinions on our site - after all, more than 20,000 - you will certainly find the right tyre for you.