Summer Tyres Review

The range of summer tyres is huge. Every tyre manufacturers has more than just a product of this type in its range. New innovative technologies should make the tyres even safer. Whether that is really true, may be doubted, but the demands on a summer tyre are higher than you think. Although the winter has tougher weather conditions with ice and snow, heavy rainshowers in the summer months make driving dangerous. On motorists share their opinion, whether a tyre runs easily in dry or wet conditions. Such a summer tyre review reflects the subjective perception of our users - over 200,000 customer reviews about summer tyres can be found here. Ride comfort, noise, wear and fuel consumption are taken into account as well.

Special Tread Pattern

tyres do not just have a hard compound, but also a special treat pattern. It deflects the water from the tyre so that it does not float - the feared aquaplaning. For this it is important to regularly check the tread depth of the tyre, because a worn tyre is not a good companion. In addition, summer tyres are not a good idea in winter and even forbidden in some countries. The hard rubber compound is not suitable for low temperatures and the tyre tread is not adapted to winterly road conditions.

Find Your Tyres by Customer Reviews

Take advantage of the extensive collection of the summer tyre reviews on our website as a source of information for your next tyre purchase. Find reviews for a particular product or make use of the comfort search. You can restrict the ratings by each criterion - for example if you want to get displayed only tyres that have received a wear rating with an average of at least four out of five stars. Also brand, tyre size and speed index can be used as search criteria. It is only a few steps to find the right tyres for your vehicle and to know how good their quality is.