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Winter Tyres Review

Winter tyres are essential for survival in the cold season. What sounds dramatic, is true as accidents in winterly conditions often have serious consequences. But even more: Being involved in such an accident without using winter tyres, is left with the damage, because there is an obligation for snow tyres in some European countries.

Quality Feature Snowflake Symbol

But only a few motorists have such a scenario in mind when they are looking for new winter tyres. Rather, it is the safe driving experience on ice and snow. This promise by all tyre manufacturers is not kept from all the winter tyres. Tests show that some products do not deserve the name winter tyres. Many motorists believe, that they use good winter tyres only because of the M + S label. Wrong! This symbol is not protected and is not based on an official winter tyre test. That's different with the snowflake symbol, because here the tyre must fulfill certain minimum requirements. Therefore, you should look for this "seal of quality for winter tyres" when buying tyres as these products are really suitable for winter.

Nevertheless: When winter tyres are mandatory, the law means tyres with the M + S label that must be used on ice, packed snow, slush or slippery frost. There is no pre-defined period for winter tyres, however, there is a rule of thumb: between October and Easter. But what distinguishes these tyres from those for other seasons? Primarily, it is their tread pattern. Therein snow and mud accumulate, which improves the handling characteristics. In addition, the rubber compound of winter tyres is softer. It remains flexible even at low temperatures, which is important for the grip.

More Than 100,000 Winter Tyre Reviews

Now one might think that it is easy for the manufacturers to develop a winter tyre with these characteristics. Nevertheless, there are major differences between the products on the market. Well-known brands put a lot of money into research and development, which is reflected on the price of such a tyre at the end. Especially the Asian manufacturers offer favorable winter tyres. What impact this has on the quality, winter tyre reviews in professional journals or by the automobile clubs show. However, they test only a small part of the tyres available on the market. If you are interested in other winter tyres, read the customer reviews on More than 100,000 opinions about winter tyres of several dozen tyre manufacturers can be found here. More than a billion kilometers were driven with them - this experience you'll find nowhere else. Take advantage of the opinions of other motorists and their winter tyre tests and inform yourself about the quality before buying a tyre.